Vortrag und Diskussion

Brexit: What can the British learn from the Swiss experience with the European Union?

25. April 2017, 8.15 – 11.00 Uhr

Bd de Pérolles 90, PER 21
Saal E 120


Philippe G. NELLPD, PhD, Minister, Head of Americas Unit, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

Modération: Prof. Thierry MADIÈS, Chaire d’économie internationale et d’économie regionale, Université de Fribourg

Conférence et discussion en anglais

The presentation will highlight some of the specificities of Swiss-EU relations, the costs for Switzerland of losing access to the EU Single Market and possible implications for the UK. Emphasis will be put on the EU position regarding a strong institutional framework, a homogeneous market and the free movement of persons. The analysis will provide guidance on how to maintain outstanding competitive conditions with the EU without being neither member of the EU, nor of the European Economic Area and point to some red lines. The latter ought to be of interest for the UK.

The speech and the discussion take place within the course «Integration européenne» of Prof. Thierry MADIÈS.