Digital Commerce in Europe – Opportunities and Threats for Swiss Online Players

Lundi 6 mai 2024, 09h15 - 11h00

Bd de Pérolles 90 - PER21
Salle A140


Bernhard EGGER
Managing Director,

Organisation & modération: Prof. Dirk Morschett, Member of the Directorate, Centre for European Studies

Conférence et discussion en anglais

In the last decade, the channels to serve customers have changed drastically. Digital Commerce has become more and more relevant, not only in domestic business but also in international business. It gives Swiss companies new opportunities to sell their goods and services abroad, in particular in the large and interesting markets of the EU. At the same time, the rise of Digital Commerce brought powerful foreign competitors into Switzerland. Those competitors from Europe, from the USA or from China are increasingly taking leading roles among online shops in Switzerland – often via the EU.

Bernhard Egger will speak about the opportunities and threats for Swiss online players, in Switzerland and in Europe. He will explain the developments and also the competitive situation.