Students who make the uni

Life at the University is more than just studying, exams and research. It is also the possibility for our students to participate in an incredible range of cultural and sporting activities, or even to get involved in one of the more than 40 student associations, Fachschaften (sections) or the AGEF (Association Générale des Étudiants-e-s de l'Université de Fribourg) itself, why not? And all this, of course, in several languages!

The life of a student is a life of...

These beautiful students are the lifeblood of our university! We asked them some existential questions...

Meeting with Olivia, President of the Fachschaft Ius


Dans 20 ans, comment vois-tu ta vie?

But how do our students see their future?


Maxime has the right physique for the job: well built and pleasant, the Charmeysan has been the president of the Sports Fachschaft for two years. He has made some solid friendships there.


Meeting with Maxime, president of the Fachschaft de sport

Diplôme en poche, que feras-tu de ta vie?

Studying can be a joy or a misery, but once you've finished, you have to ask yourself a fundamental question: what do you do with the paper you've earned by the sweat of your brow?


She loves photography, but finally decided to work with 25 frames per second. With camera in hand, Angela, the president of UNICAM, films both the backstage of Circus Knie and the secrets of the psychology department.


Conversation with Angela, President of Unicam

Même pendant l'été, pas de quoi s'ennuyer!

Élodie, a student at the University of Fribourg, has put together a small programme of summer activities for a successful weekend!

Mais encore...

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