Accepted Papers

Below you find the list of accepted papers. The abstracts of the accepted papers are available here.

  1. Sayan Bandyapadhyay, Fedor V. Fomin, Tanmay Inamdar and Kirill Simonov. Proportionally Fair Matching with Multiple Groups
  2. Paul Bastide, Linda Cook, Jeff Erickson, Carla Groenland, Marc van Kreveld, Isja Mannens and Jordi Vermeulen.
    Reconstructing Graphs from Connected Triples
  3. Jakob Baumann, Matthias Pfretzschner and Ignaz Rutter. Parameterized Complexity of Vertex Splitting to Pathwidth at most 1
  4. Rémy Belmonte, Ararat Harutyunyan, Noleen Köhler and Nikolaos Melissinos. Odd Chromatic Number of Graph Classes
  5. Julien Bensmail, Victor Campos, Ana Karolinna Maia, Nicolas Nisse and Ana Silva. Deciding the Erdős-Pósa property in 3-connected digraphs
  6. Benjamin Bergougnoux, Tuukka Korhonen and Igor Razgon. New Width Parameters for Independent Set: One-sided-mim-width and Neighbor-depth
  7. Carla Binucci, Giuseppe Di Battista, Walter Didimo, Seok-Hee Hong, Michael Kaufmann, Giuseppe Liotta, Pat Morin and Alessandra Tappini.
    Nonplanar Graph Drawings with k Vertices per Face
  8. Jan Bok, Jiri Fiala, Nikola Jedlickova, Jan Kratochvil and Michaela Seifrtova.
    Computational Complexity of Covering Colored Mixed Multigraphs with Small Equivalence Classes in Degree Partition
  9. Édouard Bonnet, Dibyayan Chakraborty and Julien Duron. Cutting Barnette graphs perfectly is hard
  10. Nicolas Bousquet, Quentin Deschamps and Aline Parreau. Metric dimension parameterized by treewidth in chordal graphs
  11. Katrin Casel, Tobias Friedrich, Davis Issac, Aikaterini Niklanovits and Ziena Zeif.
    Efficient Constructions for the Gyori-Lovasz Theorem on Almost Chordal Graphs
  12. Radovan Červený and Ondřej Suchý. Generating faster algorithms for d-Path Vertex Cover
  13. Yeonsu Chang, O-Joung Kwon and Myounghwan Lee. A new width parameter of graphs based on edge cuts: α-edge-crossing width
  14. Steven Chaplick, Steven Kelk, Ruben Meuwese, Matus Mihalak and Georgios Stamoulis. Snakes and Ladders: a Treewidth Story
  15. Juhi Chaudhary and Meirav Zehavi. Parameterized Results on Acyclic Matchings with Implications for Related Problems
  16. Juhi Chaudhary and Meirav Zehavi. P-matchings Parameterized by Treewidth
  17. Antoine Dailly, Florent Foucaud and Anni Hakanen. Algorithms and hardness for Metric Dimension on digraphs
  18. Tom Davot, Lucas Isenmann, Sanjukta Roy and Jocelyn Thiebaut. Degreewidth: a New Parameter for Solving Problems on Tournaments
  19. Ilan Doron-Arad and Hadas Shachnai. Approximating Bin Packing with Conflict Graphs via Maximization Techniques
  20. Feodor Dragan and Guillaume Ducoffe. αi-Metric Graphs: Radius, Diameter and all Eccentricities
  21. Pavel Dvořák, Lukáš Folwarczný, Michal Opler, Pavel Pudlák, Robert Šámal and Tung Anh Vu.
    Bounds on Functionality and Symmetric Difference – Two Intriguing Graph Parameters
  22. Zdenek Dvorak and Abhiruk Lahiri. Maximum edge colouring problem on graphs that exclude a fixed minor
  23. Jessica Enright, Kitty Meeks, William Pettersson and John Sylvester. Cops and Robbers on Multi-layer Graphs
  24. Fedor Fomin, Pierre Fraigniaud and Petr Golovach. Parameterized Complexity of Broadcasting in Graphs
  25. Fedor Fomin, Petr Golovach, Danil Sagunov and Kirill Simonov. Turan’s Theorem Through Algorithmic Lens
  26. Jan Goedgebeur, Edita Máčajová and Jarne Renders. On the Frank number and nowhere-zero flows on graphs
  27. Frédéric Havet, Lucas Picasarri-Arrieta and Clément Rambaud. On the minimum number of arcs in 4-dicritical oriented graphs
  28. Falko Hegerfeld and Stefan Kratsch. Tight Algorithms for Connectivity Problems Parameterized by Modular-Treewidth [Best Student Paper]
  29. Paul Jungeblut, Samuel Schneider and Torsten Ueckerdt. Cops and Robber – When Capturing is not Surrounding [Best Paper]
  30. Hoang-Oanh Le and Van Bang Le. Complexity results for matching cut problems in graphs without long induced paths
  31. Martin Milanič and Yushi Uno. Upper Clique Transversals in Graphs
  32. Meghana Nasre, Prajakta Nimbhorkar and Keshav Ranjan. Critical Relaxed Stable Matchings with Two-Sided Ties
  33. Robert Scheffler. Graph Search Trees and Their Leaves