Polyploid evolutionary genomics: challenges and opportunities

Summer school, 10 to 20 July, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Objectives: Offer theoretical and practical training of good practices in polyploidy research.

Summary: Most organisms, including most current major crops, have gone through polyploidy (i.e. genome duplication) and an increasingly diverse community of researchers is facing the considerable complexity associated with this process. In the recent years, robust molecular and computational methodologies have emerged to tackle main challenges inherent to research on polyploid organisms with duplicated chromosomes and their multifaceted genetics.

This summer school integrates functional and evolutionary genomics with a focus on polyploid organisms, offering training on current workflows to analyze high-throughput data and enable adequate interpretations in fundamental as well as applied research. The assembled team of expert lecturers will ensure the promotion of good practices among the next generation of scientists concerned with polyploidy.