Possible topics

  • Technology as a motif and object of fantastic artefacts
  • Technology as a literary/aesthetic procedure of the fantastic, particularly when taking narrative techniques into account
  • Representation techniques of fantastic structures (individual reviews or theoretical considerations): Horror and Gothic, utopias and dystopias, science fiction, fantasy, Magic Realism, speculative fiction, (literary) fairy tales, fables, myths, etc.
  • Medial production techniques used for the creation of the fantastic
  • Media-comparative and techno-historical examinations about the interplay between Fiction and Faction
  • Cultural techniques of the (interaction with the) fantastic, such as fan culture (cosplay) or other approaches to the techniques of fantastic structures (making-ofs, exhibitions, interviews, etc.)
  • Media-specific or intermedial/transmedial techniques for the creation of fantastic worlds in films, TV, literature, computer games, etc.


Open Track

As usually at conferences of the association for the research on the fantastic (GFF), there will be an open track for all lectures which are not directly related to the topic of the conference. Hence, we are open to further proposals.



The GFF offers two scholarships of 250 euros each to students for them to cover their travel expenses to the conference. Should you be interested in this offer, please let us know when handing in your abstract.

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