Methodology and further challenges to environmental ethics

Please note that the program is still subject to change.

Stream Panel Presenter Title
E 3 Blattner, C. Food Security and Symbolic Legislation in Switzerland: A False Sense of Security?
E 3 Espinosa Flor, S.I.   More than life-sustaining resources? On the Integrity Argument for Natural Resources
E 3 Meisch, S.P. Rights for rivers
E 4 Dassler, T. The ethical sustainability matrix: A practical tool for assessment of GMOs including genome-edited organisms
E 4 Kaiser, M. What is wrong with the EAT Lancet report?
E 4 Mikkelsen, R.B.   Empirical ethics is not a magic bullet for applied ethicists
E 5 Antonsen, T.   Exploring alternative food futures through critical design
E 5 Dieck, K.   Coating Moral Misconduct – The motivational function of shame in ethical debates
E 5 Gamborg, C.   Normativity in applied ethics teaching: Not to have, nice to have, or need to have?