Climate mitigation, geoengineering, and food security

Please note that the program is still subject to change.

Stream Panel Presenter Title
A 1 Friedrich, D.L. Vegetable farming, climate change, and food security in the Arctic
A 1 Inoue, A.   A Lockean approach to justice for food security under global climate change
A 1 Blattner, C.E.   Animals and Climate Change
A 2 Schübel, H.   Food security and the moral differences between climate mitigation and geoengineering: the case of biofuels and BECCS
A 2 Woodhouse, E.   What Values Should Guide Carbon Sequestration? Ecofeminism, Afforestation & La Via Campesina.
A 2 Wienhues, A.   Intensive Animal Agriculture, Land-use and Biological Conservation: Converging Demands of Justice