Animal ethics, veterinary ethics, and food security

Presentations on this topic will be held in two parallel streams (C and D).

Please note that the program is still subject to change.

Stream Panel Presenter Title
C 1 Van Den Brandeler, E.L.   The Political Turn of the Animal Ethical Discourse - Highlighting the virtue ethical approach
C 1 Camenzind, S.   Kantian Animal Ethics: It’s necessity, aims and disturbance
C 1 Trøite, M.F. Respect and intrinsic value – Kantian reconstructions of key terms in Norway´s Animal Welfare Act
C 2 Aigner, A.   Don’t push away your emotions? Cora Diamond and animal ethics
C 2 Huth, M.   Meat Provocation – Can Animal Ethics Actually Rest on Rational Arguments?
C 2 Bovenkerk, B. The ethics and mindedness of insects
C 3 Van Gerwen, M. What if we lack a licence to kill? Thinking out-of-the-box in our relationship with liminal rodents.
C 3 Kristensen, B.   Viennese Hamsters and the Interspecies Politics of Urban Space
C 3 Huth, M.   Four Models of the Veterinarian – Owner – Relationship
C 4 Springer, S.   Shifting from cure to care – Theoretical considerations of small animal hospice and palliative care
C 4 Bubeck, M.J.   Veterinarians as the protectors of animals – Caring and killing in the narratives of vet students
C 4 Karg, J.K.   Vetsplaining – Dealing with Uncertainty as inescapable part of Veterinary practice
C 5 Deelen, E.   Killing in plural: On animal life assessments by veterinarians and the role of euthanasia
C 5 Long, M.   Small animals, big decisions: Potential of moral case deliberation for a small animal hospital on the basis of an observational study
C 5 Dürnberger, C. To heal, to advise, to criticise? German farm veterinarians and their self-perception
D 2 Winther, H.M. Relating morally to farmed salmon – fellow creatures and biomass
D 2 Lundmark Hedman, F.   Whose interest matters when regulating animal welfare? A Swedish case study
D 2 Niva, M.   Citizen views on welfare and rights of farmed animals in food production
D 3 Bruce, D.M.   What should we breed cattle for? Engaging publics in a Democs card game
D 3 Carson, S.G.   Public engagement in biotechnology innovation – the need for research and the role of ethics
D 3 Ursin, L.   Openness: terroir and the value of the natural
D 4 Janssens, M.R.E.   Animal Business: An Ethical Exploration of Corporate Responsibility Towards Animals
D 4 Kjeldaas, S.   Visions of gene technology
D 4 Sandoee, P.   Hornless cattle - Is gene editing the best solution?
D 5 Blix, T.   Genome edited salmon: Fish welfare as part of sustainability criteria
D 5 Robaey, Z.H.   An agent-centred approach to innovation for 21st century challenges of agriculture
D 5 Oksanen, M.   Vegan food system and biodiversity: an ethical analysis