Topical Collection

This topical collection in the Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics will feature extended contributions to the EurSafe2021 conference, as well as further contributions on the topic of 'Justice and Food Security in a Changing Climate'.

The call for abstracts is open until July 11, 2021. Please submit abstracts (max. 300 words) to hanna.schuebel[at]

We invite papers which substantively engage with one ethical issue (suggestions below) regarding the link between food security and climate change. The main three themes the issue will cover are the following:       

  • Climate mitigation and food security: e.g., the challenge and analysis of potential trade-offs and conflicts between mitigation action and food security; questions of entitlements regarding food security under changing climatic conditions; the target of zero hunger in a warming climate.
  • Geoengineering, agriculture, and land: e.g., the necessity of installing large-scale negative emission technologies (NETs) and their potential conflicts with food security; proposals to address this conflict; prioritization of technologies.
  • Adapting agriculture to sustain food security: e.g., strategies for adapting agricultural production to improve the resilience of communities; the role of climate adaptation for sustainable food supply and vice versa; the role and application of biotechnologies; the distribution of responsibilities to ensure food security despite changing climatic conditions.

Reflecting upon the ethical and social implications of climate change for food security is vital for informed decision-making within research and public policy. Discussing questions of potential conflicts and synergies between food security and climate action from an ethical perspective is a central step in providing solutions to these challenges. This topical collection is contributing to this task by offering in-depth deliberation on key concerns of ethics and justice for food security that are resulting from climate change.