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Topics of the Conference

Social change is often guided by ideas anticipating possible future states, as utopias, for example. These utopian ideas can either be a starting point for theoretical concepts of societies or social change (e.g., Mannheim, 1995), or they can mark a dead end for social research (e.g., Dahrendorf, 1958). Nevertheless, we are usually dealing with the here and now – and therefore with permanent social change. In modern societies, media and communication are strongly connected to different forms of social change. Among other things – new media technologies have been developed, globalization and commercialization have challenged existing structures, and information has become available abundantly. Social change affecting communication on the micro- as on the meso- and the macro-levels initiates new trends and developments leading to permanently changing research objects and conditions in all communication research disciplines. 

The aim of the conference is to address “social change” in the specific communication perspectives – without losing out of sight what remained stable, dealing with social change from its roots to actual developments. We have invited academic and practical communication and media researchers to contribute to the 2016 annual conference of the SACM with their theoretical or empirical work and enrich the debate with different perspectives. For examples of possible research questions please refer to the detailed call for papers

As usual at SACM conferences, there will be division slots in addition to the main conference, in which topics in specific fields of communication science will be discussed.

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