• Kess Kess Mounds

    Early Devonian

  • Røst Reef

    Cold-water coral reef, Norway

    © JAGO Team, GEOMAR Kiel

  • Puebla de Lillo

    Late Carboniferous

  • Orange Spring Mound

    Yellowstone National Park

  • Kess-Kess Mounds

    Early Devonian

  • Monte Vertità

    Congressi Stefano Francini

  • Group picture

    Participants of the 1st ICMC
    at Monte Verità



Carbonate mounds and build-ups play a crucial role in the bio-geosphere and form an important piece of the puzzle when studying the global carbonate factory and the global carbon cycle. They are important archives of past and present life in different environmental settings, from cool-temperate and cold-polar regions to warm-water environments. Moreover, under extreme environmental conditions they are true hotspots of microbial life, from hydrothermal vents and cold seeps in marine environments towards hot spring deposits in continental and lacustrine environments.

The 1st International Carbonate Mound Conference will be an important communication platform to bundle the different research efforts realized within the COCARDE network but also to define new research and drilling strategies to better understand the processes, actors and products in mound formation.







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